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Dress Your World with Leaf
Established 2008
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Double Gold Medal Winner
Sesame Vinaigrette
Sesame Vinaigrette 
Dress Your World with Leaf 
Leaf, the dressing that defeated Paul Newman's, Trader Joe's, Kraft and others in a taste test​

Taste Test Results

Leaf: 95
Newman’s Own: 5

Leaf: 96
Trader Joe’s: 4

Leaf: 98: 
Whole Foods: 2

Leaf: 99
Kraft: 1

To this day, Leaf is undefeated 


Double Gold Medal Winner, Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2014

First Place, California Taste Test 2010

Charity Donations

Leaf has donated to over 40 Charities 

Customer Comments

"The best dressing I've ever had!"
"Can I take it on the plane with me?"
"It gets my kids to eat salad!"
Customer comments from across the country 

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